Andrey_Palyutin_Owner_TLG_MoscowAndrey Palutin


I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and been passionate about customer service. I’ve spent my career telling organisations how to offer the very best customer service. But I wanted to find an opportunity to build my own business, have my own customers, and offer them an incredible experience. And with The Little Gym, I found it.

My friend, Marina, was living in America, and I would always ask her what products and services she loved that we didn’t have in Russia. One day, she told me about The Little Gym. And I wouldn’t have believed that day would end up changing my life!

Marina’s daughter went to The Little Gym in Houston, Texas. She couldn’t stop talking about how much her daughter loved the classes, and how much she loved the company. So, with ‘New York, New York’ ringing in my ears, I hopped on a plane and ended up at The Little Gym in Manhattan.

I liked everything about The Little Gym from the first moment I saw it. The smiles on the children’s faces, the colourful and clean facility, and the teachers – everyone was so friendly and caring.

I watched the classes as I enjoyed my coffee in the lobby, and the programme was a revelation. I could see The Little Gym making a difference in front of my eyes. Children were learning to love movement and sport, they were being nurtured by their teachers, and they were having great fun.

Children are like rockets – the smallest change in their trajectory at the point of take-off can have a huge positive impact in their flight path… or life path! And at The Little Gym, I could see that difference as they confidently ran out of the gym at the end of their class. This programme was setting them up for a confident, healthy life – and I loved it.

The Little Gym Moscow was born that day in Manhattan, while I enjoyed that coffee surrounded by the smiles of children and their families. All I could think was that I wanted families in Moscow to experience this new approach to children’s activities.

And the approach really is unique. Every child is nurtured, accepted and encouraged to succeed. The classes are about much more than gymnastics – a place where children not only learn to love regular exercise, but also build their confidence and courage, and learn important social and emotional skills.

So I took the plunge and started my journey to open The Little Gym Moscow franchise.  My little girl was born during our journey to open The Little Gym Moscow, and she is our very first customer.   

We can’t wait to welcome other children from all over Moscow to our Gym. We’re looking forward to making your children’s eyes sparkle with fitness, fun and confidence while you enjoy that coffee in our lobby!

Andrey Palutin
Owner – The Little Gym Oktyabrskoye Polye​