Amsterdam is an amazing city! Our internship


Today we want to share our impressions from our recent internship in Amsterdam, where we went with all our team members.

Amsterdam is an amazing city. The atmosphere of the 17th century with the mentality of a modern metropolis. The Little Gym hardly recommends!)

But the purpose of this post is not to talk about Amsterdam, but tell you more about the experience that we gained there.

An internship in one of the running gyms is an obligatory stage, that every new The Little Gym passes before the opening. And it's not just an observation, it's real work.

For a week, we transformed into team members of one of the oldest gyms in Europe to learn more from "senior" colleagues’ experience.

Every single day, gym team members perform many tasks, including leading classes and bashes, communicating with clients, cleaning, etc. So, the internship became mutually beneficial cooperation for all of us: we worked and gained experience, and colleagues from Amsterdam rested a little :)

But in fairness it must be said that during the week our "senior" colleagues spent time with us, patiently responding to all our questions and teaching us all necessary techniques. And we have been leading classes for children of completely different cultures and nationalities, speaking all languages ​​we know :)

It was an excellent experience, that will be very useful in Moscow.

Today, we are operational ready to do everything possible to make your little ones feel like home, so that your children will be challenged and successful!