"Ready, Set, Go!" Training in the USA

Ready, Set, Go! Training in the USA_Andrey
Dear friends!

Soon the first “The Little Gym” will be opened in Moscow. And we have something to share with you.

Most recently we returned from Scottsdale (a city in the western part of Maricopa County in Arizona, USA). The Head Office and the Training center of the company are located in Scottsdale.

Participation in the training is an obligatory stage, which every gym’s team successfully completes before opening a gym. The Little Gym is very serious, responsible and at the same time is very kind in the process of seeking and training new employees. The Little Gym makes you a part of a family, not a company.

During the week of training we thoroughly studied all the philosophies, standards, approaches and programs of The Little Gym. We did everything that our children have to do, including the "wheel", the "handstand" and other elements of the program. We didn’t even avoid homework, but: "hard in teaching - easy to fight"!

Ready, Set, Go! Training in the USA_Anastasyia

And as a team we went to karaoke, had breakfast in a big international society, walked together in the center of the city, and we felt as a part of a big family. And it was not boring at all, it was "Serious Fun"! By the way, you will see this motto more than once on the company's logo and in our materials. In The Little Gym we pursue serious goals, but children do not know about it.????

And now the formal part ...

At the end of the course we passed certification. It was exciting ... After all during this certification, each of the participants of the training had to conduct the class from beginning to end, using the standards, following the plan of the lesson and not forgetting about the special energy of The Little Gym. The exam was hosted by the Director of the Training center. By the way, you can congratulate us ... Soon we will receive our certificates ????

And in conclusion: this trip gave us the necessary knowledge and skills, without which we could not go further, we had the opportunity to learn from the experience of "senior" colleagues. But not less important in this story is that we managed to absorb this incredible energy, which is inherent in children, not burdened with cares. After all, children can not be deceived, they feel everything.

So, guys, do not be afraid to be children sometimes!

Yours sincerely,

The Little Gym October Field team