As the builder, so the abode.

In this blog we will share our current repair status of The Little Gym October Field.

As you know, "the fence is not built quickly, especially a beautiful city!"

Undoubtedly repair works is not the easiest thing ever. But with a responsible and competent approach of all parties, repair process is not as terrible as it looks.

For us construction and doing repairs feels like building our own house. It takes a lot of time and energy, but you want to cross the threshold of this house as soon as possible...

The home is the place where you want to run every day, where you want to spend time and create coziness. The Little Gym October Field should become such place.

For now we have already installed ventilation, electricity and have started the final stage of finishing works. Paint, tiles, plumbing are already selected and will soon decorate our new house. All building materials are certified and meet the standards. Soon we will start choosing furniture and all sorts of final details ????

And the small spoiler for you: the main idea of ​​space is to make it as comfortable as possible for kids and their parents. Therefore, for the lobby area, soft lighter tones are chosen, and for the gym - bright colors. Maximum free space and no deaf walls! Parents can sit back and with a cup of aromatic coffee or tea watch their little ones through the glass separating the lobby from the gym's space.

First of all we think about our guests’ comfort, therefore, when creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, we try to take into account every single detail. Very soon you will see everything by yourself ...

See you at The Little Gym!


Yours sincerely,

The Little Gym October Field team