All roads lead to the «Marshal»... And there are no crossroads!

The blog’s heading speaks for itself. The first in Moscow (and the first in Russia) The Little Gym will open its doors in the housing estate called "Marshal": Moscow, 2 Marshala Rybalko Street, building 9.

Choosing a place for the gym is another serious and important stage. And, as a rule, it is not easy to find ... Especially when you are looking for a place not just for the office, but for a children's sports establishment.

To children's institutions, in principle, there is a number of serious requirements, and if this place is also about physical development, then there are many additional criteria (ceiling height, free space, large windows and much more). And, in addition, easy accessibility - so that people can easily get there by their car, public transportation, by walking, and there is always free parking for you.

Not at once, of course, but we found such a place! Here, the Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station is in five minutes from our facility, and the Panfilovskaya station is opposite to the housing estate, Narodnogo Opolcheniya Street and the Leningradsky Avenue are close by.

This is a unique place, like The Little Gym is ????

Now on the territory of the complex there is a fitness club with a swimming pool and an outdoor sports ground being built - a nice bonus. In the neighborhood with us there is the Italian restaurant “Roni Makaroni”, and there are several cozy cafes more on the territory. Soon a large supermarket will be opened, but for now there is a charming organic store of our friends “Botteganova organic store”.

There is an “Infinito” beauty salon, a dry cleaning service, the “Luxury Voyage” travel agency ... And no matter how much time we do want you to spend with us, we understand that sometimes there is not enough time for yourself, so when everything is at the same place, it's cool!

There is a square for walking, and there is a fountain in the center. The complex has children's playgrounds with swings, slides, play complexes. With the complex itself you can get acquainted by the link: http://www.жк-маршал.рф/

And soon we will invite you to our first The Little Gym!

Yours sincerely,

The Little Gym October Field team